Graduation Ceremony 2020 for foreign master’s students at Grodno State Agrarian University

The Graduation Ceremony of the first batch (2019-2020) of English speaking master’s students of Grodno State Agrarian University was held on 26thof June 2020 in the theater hall at 3pm prompt. This was a very remarkable moment for all the celebrants. This great ceremony was honored by the Rector of the University, Professor Pestis Vitold Kazimirovich; The Dean: Andrey Vladimirovich Gribov and Deputy Dean Ushkevich Alexander Mikhailovich. The graduating students were all gathered in a colorful graduation robes,the excitement within the students was more than the upcoming summer break – they were excited because they were about to be recognized for the hard work they had put in over the year. The 5 plus students, embodied a confident and accomplished spirit.

Due to the present pandemic situation, the graduation ceremony of the university this year was organize in a different way so as not to have so many students in the hall. 1,5 meters was maintained between student which is a measure to reduce the spread of the pandemic (COVID-19) and this was achieved by skipping a seat between every student.

After a powerful speech from the rector Professor Pestis Vitold Kazimirovich, it was then followed by the award of diplomas to the students and pictures were taken with university staffs and other friends.

The Five students who graduated are: Ngalle Etoke Theodore, Elongome Lordcliff Ngue, Epie Wilson, Jean Rene Kalala and Kunal Barot. The memory of this day will always remain in the minds of alumni’s and everyone believes they are well prepared for the challenges ahead.


Ngalle Etoke Theodore

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