Engineering and Technology faculty

Address: Republic of Belarus, 230008, Grodno, Tereshkova St., 18, к. 216

Tel./Fax: +375 (152) 71 91 34

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Specialist of the Faculty of Extra-Mural Studies: Kreidich Ludmila Konstantinovna

Engineering and Technology Faculty was established in 2007 and it is the youngest one in the University.

The Faculty trains the students in the following specialties:

1-49 01 01 "Technology of storage and processing of food raw materials» (specialization 1-49 01 01 01 "Technology of storage and grain processing" and 1-49 01 01 02 "Technology of bread, pasta, pastry and concentrate production");

1-49 01 02 "Technology of storage and raw animal material" (specialization 1-49 01 02 01 "Technology of meat and meat products" and 1-49 01 02 02 "Technology of milk and milk products").

The students can get High Education in two forms of Education: full – time and part-time Course.

Period of study – 4 years 10 months (Full – time Course); 6 years (Part-time Course).

To enter the University an applicant should pass the following tests:

  • Math;
  • Chemistry;
  • Russian or Belorussian language.

When graduating the University a student obtains a qualification "Process planner

Nowadays 40 tutors work at the Faculty , among them 4 Doctors of Science and 16 Candidates of Sciences.

Students have manufacturing practice on the leading farms of agro-industry complexes, which are confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

The graduates have possibility to continue the studying in Master Degree Programme and Postgraduate Course.

The graduates of the Engineering Technology Faculty can work:

Specialty 1-49 01 01 «Technology of storage and processing of plant raw materials»

  • at bread production plants;
  • at enterprises of cereal, mixed fodder production and flour milling plants;
  • at enterprises of grain and seed processing and storage;
  • at bakery plants, pastry factories and confectionary plants;
  • at food concentrate production plants

Specialty 1-49 01 02 «Technology of storage and processing of plant animal materials»

  • at meat packing plants;
  • at enterprises of sausage products and prefabricated meat;
  • at cold storage facility
  • at milk plants, butter and cheese making plant, milk canning plants;
  • at production units of animal raw material processing;
  • at enterprises of dried skim milk production;
  • at enterprises of ice cream production.

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