Faculty of plant protection

Post address: 230008, Grodno, Tereshkova Str. 28

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The Faculty was established in 1962. Till 1996 it was the only Faculty in Belarus where phytosanitarian experts for plant protection service were trained.

Now the Faculty trains students in two specialities:



The Faculty trains about 350 students every year: it offers both free of charge and fee-paying education.

In 2002 the Faculty opened the postgraduate study in "Plant Protection" and since 2005 it has been training masters in "Agronomy".

The first plant protection agronomists graduation took place in 1965. Since its establishment the Faculty has trained more than 2000 plant protection and over 200 agrochemistry experts

Today the Faculty staff consists of more than 40 tutors, 16 of them are candidates of Agricultural Sciences.

The Faculty provides well-equipped teaching, organizes various kinds of practical work (fact-finding, educational, technological, industrial, pre-degree), holds scientific, scientific and practical conferences, carries out soil expeditions and excursions, public presentation reports on industrial practice and traineeships.

Lecture-halls and university laboratories where theoretical studies take place are well-equipped and have all the most modern devices.

Students can enjoy working with rich phytopathologic herbarium and collections of harmful and useful arthropoda, colored illustrative stands. Chairs are provided with computers with a local university network and Internet connection. Projection and optical devices, film &video technology are used at studies.

The Faculty supports students' scientific work: phytopathological and entomological in which students of 2-5 courses take part. The students' subject contests and scientific conferences are held every year. Students are authors and co-authors of many scientific articles that are published in conference report books. Students write theses papers and projects under the assistance of highly-qualified tutors every year, they also take part in the Republican Contest of works. Many of them are awarded diplomas and certificates.

Such textbooks as "Biological Plant Protection" and "Protection of Root Vegetables from Pests and Diseases" were written by the staff of the Faculty.

The scientists of the Faculty work out induced methods resistance of plants to diseases and abiotic factors, investigate methods of increasing efficiency of the integrated systems of protection of plants from wreckers in adaptive plant growing, study the efficiency of protective measures for grain crops, potatoes, sugar beet, legumes and technical crops, consult agricultural experts of Grodno region on protection of agricultural crops from pests, diseases and weeds.