Faculty of accounting

Address: 230008 Grodno, Tereshkova ST, 18, r. 218

Telephone: +375 152 71 91 30

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Faculty was founded in 2006.

1-25 01 08 «Accounting, Analysis and Audit», specialization 1-25 01 08 03 07 «Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Agro industrial Sector»

There is a new specialty 1-25 01 08 «Accounting, Analysis and Audit» (uninterrupted integrated educational system) and specialization 1-25 01 08 03 07 « Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Agro industrial Sector » (Period of studying – 3 years).

There are about more than 400 people study at the Faculty today and 26 international students among them.

When graduating a student get the Diploma with "Economist" qualification.

The main spheres of the Faculty research work are as follows: theory, methodology and organization development in the accounting, analysis and audit during the national economy transformation period, accounting organization, analysis and auditing methods improvement. Much attention is paid to the research work of the students. Many Students' scientific societies function at the Faculty. Experienced tutors and leading experts direct the research work of students and supervise their work and activity. The main forms of the work are: essays preparation, speeches, presentations, participation in scientific conferences, roundtables, meetings, discussions of financial accounting and analytical mechanism improvement.

The best students' research and degree papers are presented at the national competition of student research papers, many of them are awarded with diplomas and certificates.

The Faculty has close links with the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, the Belarusian State Economic University, Agricultural Economics Center, Economics Institute of National Academy of Sciences, with Warsaw Agrarian University, Szczecin Agricultural Academy (Poland) and other educational and scientific establishments.

The graduates of the Accounting Faculty can work:

with a specialty «Accounting, Analysis and Audit»

  • at agro industrial enterprises (work as accouter and economist);
  • at auditing firms and leasing companies;
  • at Customs;
  • at Economic Crime Departments

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