Faculty of economics

Post address: 230008, Grodno, Tereshkova Str. 28

Phone: +375 152 71 91 10

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Specialty 1-74 01 01 "Economics and Production in the sectors of agriculture" with the full and short term training

Qualification - economist-organizer

Term - 4 years after high school

3 years after college

Specialty - 1-26 02 02 "Management" with a full-year colleges

Direction of specialization 1-26 02 02 07 "Information Management"

Qualification - manager-economist

Term - 4 years after high school

The main reason of Faculty organization was high interest of the Republic's agricultural enterprises, business organizations and private firm owners in highly qualified economic specialists. Economic faculty was formed in 1997.

Today the total number of students at the Economic Faculty is more than 400, including international students from Turkmenistan and Ecuador.

Students of the Faculty have the opportunity for practical training in the advanced enterprises of the Republic, at scientific and research institutes, farms of Germany, England, Poland, the USA, Switzerland and Ireland.

At present the Faculty provides training of post-graduate students in the speciality - «Economics and National Economy Management».

Many highly qualified tutors, professors, doctors of sciences, senior lecturers work here.

The Economic Faculty keeps in touch with The Belarusian Agricultural Academy, The Belarusian State Economic University, with The Institute of System Research in Agro-industrial Sector, National Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Belarus; with the Polish universities: Warsaw Agrarian University, Szczecin Technological University; Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg in Germany and other educational and research establishments.

The Faculty has modern training and research base necessary for theoretical and practical education of the faculty students. There are modern computer classes with Internet access.

The student of the Faculty take an active part in sport, scientific, cultural and social life of Belarus. Thus Sidorovich Dmitry in 2003 became the winner of the World Wushu Cup in Rome (Italy). In 2004 the faculty graduate Kozlovich Anna received an official letter of thanks from the President of The Republic of Belarus, Shcherbun Valery received an official letter of thanks from the region governor.

Six Scientific Students Societies, studying various economic sectors function at the faculty. The majority of students is involved in various forms of scientific and research work, they participate in the international scientific conferences either in the Republic or abroad.

The Faculty teachers offer constant practical assistance for the Republics enterprises; their scientific achievements are applied in production process.

Students of the Economic Faculty participate in numerous social activities of the Faculty, University, town and Republic. They were repeatedly awarded and got several diplomas, certificates and letters of thanks for their active work in public organizations.

The Faculty has favourable conditions for staff recreation, going in for sports, amateur and self improvement. Students enjoy expanding their interests with numerous students clubs and sport sections.

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