Agronomical faculty

Address: 230008, Grodno, Tereshkova Str. 28

Phone: +375 (152) 62-36-27

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The Agronomical Faculty was founded in 1951 and today it is one of the oldest departments of the University.

Full-time students can choose one of the two specialties: "Agronomy" and "Horticulture"; students of Extra-mural studies are offered course in "Agronomy".

There are two specialties at the Faculty:

1 – 74 02 01 – «Agronomy», qualification – agronomist, period of studying is 4 years and 6 months. The period of studying according to the uninterrupted integrated educational system is 2 years and 6 months.

Specialists can work in agro industrial sector,

at enterprises of processing of plant crop production

in scientific research institutions.

1–74 02 04 – «Horticulture»

qualification: agronomist. The students of this specialty can study only according to the uninterrupted integrated educational system. Period of studying is 2 years10 months.

The graduates can work at agro industrial sector, at agricultural companies, industrial and scientific-production associations, farming cooperatives, farms, research institutions

More than 11,700 experts have already graduated from the faculty; among them are many leading scientists and teachers, agricultural enterprises managers and directors. The Faculty has the very modern base for both theoretical and practical training and for scientific research conducting. Practical training of students is carried out in the advanced agricultural enterprises of the republic, research institutes, experimental stations and farms of Belarus, Germany and Poland. Theoretical and practical training are skillfully integrated. This fact allows the University to train highly skilled agronomy experts that meet the needs of modern agriculture.

Nowadays the Faculty staff consists of 84 tutors: 2 of them are doctors of agriculture.

The Faculty offers several opportunities for staff and students' recreation, sports, amateur and cultural self-improvement. Students enjoy expanding their horizons with numerous student clubs and sports sections. Traditionally, the faculty organizes meetings for graduate students, "The Freshmen show", "The Last Call Show".

Graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to undertake the one-year magistracy course in "Agronomy" and postgraduate course in "Agrochemistry" or "Plant Breeding and Seed Production."

Much attention is paid to faculty scientists' discoveries and innovative achievement promotion and their application in agro industrial sector. During the past five years they have created more than 70 scientific and technical products; received over 30 patents for inventions, developed new varieties of field crops; published 25 books, textbooks and monographs; more than 760 scientific and research papers were published.

Every year Faculty members participate in district, regional, national and international scientific conferences and seminars, appear in radio and TV programs and interviews; offer scientific, methodological and practical assistance for agricultural enterprises in land management, crop cultivation etc.

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