International Cooperation Department

Head of the Department: Bidnaya Hanna

Staff of the Department:
Zinchenko Darya Nikolaevna
Yatsevich Olga Viktorovna

The international activity of the University is aimed at:
• development of partnership with the organizations of the Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Finland, Italy. Within contracts the exchange of scientific and methodical information is carried out, joint researches are conducted. Along with strengthening and deepening of cooperation under the existing agreements continuous work on expansion of number of the foreign partner organizations on the basis of the conclusion of new contracts is conducted;
• advising on drawing up the documents, necessary for passing by the staff of the University of training abroad;
• organization of practical training of students abroad:
- in Germany – within agreements on cooperation with the German farmer's union, association "APOLLO e. V.", Bavarian farmer's union, Training center "Deula Ninburg";
- in Poland – within agreements on cooperation with the "Dary Natury" enterprise and the Center of practical training "Nowa Wies";
- in Sweden – within the signed agreement with the scientific research Institute of Biodynamics (Sweden) since 2014 students of the University have the unique opportunity to study the newest technologies of agricultural production, to come into business and friendly contacts and to improve their language training.
• promotion of educational services of the University in the world educational market;
• involvement of international students and youth for training. Citizens of Turkmenistan, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Ecuador, the Republic of Cameroon, the Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Somalia, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Lithuania study at the University.
• implementation of the international programs and projects. In 2013 Grodno State Agrarian University was included in the international program "Partnership of Universities of the Region of the Baltic Sea (BSRUN)".

The University also takes part in the international project TEMPUS "Human Security (environment, quality of food, public health and society) on Territories Contaminated by Radioactive Agents".

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