Spherical Panoramas

3D panorama (aka virtual, spherical, angular, cubic panorama) - a special picture, covering all the space around a certain point of 360 ° horizontally and 180 ° vertically. Virtual panorama assembled from several photographs taken ultra-wide lens and combined with special programs into one seamless image, giving the impression of your presence at the center of a virtual 3d panorama.

Use your mouse or keyboard, you can view the space around you, above you and below, zoom and delete objects and objects considered parts or study the overall plan. Unlike the movie you do not depend on the movement of the camera movement in space is completely under your control.

Manage 3D view is very simple. The left mouse button you can rotate the image in the desired direction (click and hold). To zoom in or out (zoom) is enough to twist the mouse wheel.

To view the panorama of the entire screen, click Full Screen На весь экран bottom pan


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